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Re: Refugees Protests

Tuesday, January 4, 2011 11:42 AM



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Dear Mr Emanoel Yashua,


Thank you for your email and your concern for asylum seekers and

refugees.  As I am sure you are aware, we spoke to the representatives

that came to meet us in Ankara on the 21st of December by phone and

updated them on UNHCR's actions taken in regards to many of the issues

raised during our first meeting.


As explained to them UNHCR is aware of the difficult living conditions

asylum seekers and refugees are facing in Turkey, and we are doing our

best to work together with the Turkish authorities to improve these

conditions. In 2010, UNHCR in Turkey requested more funds to assist the

Office to continue to conduct refugee status determination in a fair and

efficient manner, and has substantially shortened waiting periods

throughout 2010. We will continue to try and shorten the procedures as

much as possible.


However, many of the issues you have mentioned are problems that cannot

be solved by UNHCR  Turkey alone, nor can we realistically expect to

have a solution within a very short time frame. Meanwhile, UNHCR will

continue to support and advocate on behalf of all refugees and together

with Governments find a way out of the unfortunate circumstance in which

most refugees find themselves in one point of their lives.


We welcome further dialogue with these persons on the matters raised.


Best regards,

Annika Sandlund

UNHCR Turkey



>>> Tdcau Tdcau <> 12/24/2010 11:57 AM >>>

24 December, 2010

UNHCR – Ankara


Dear Ms. Annika Sandlund,

My name is Emanoel Yashua.  I am the head of the planning team for the

refugee protests that started last Sunday on 19 December 2010.  First, I

want to thank you for holding a meeting with the refugees and discussing

the concerned issues raised by the speakers of the protesters Soheila

Zaki and Masoud Keyhan.  I would like to remind you that there are only

2 days left to the one week deadline set by you to investigate the UNHCR

cases of the 12 refugees in the meeting and 6 others whose names were

not on the list but were part of the campaign. 

I would like to remind you that failure to meet the legal and

legitimate demands of the protesters will result in more frustration and

therefore larger protests by Iranians not only in Ankara but in other

large cities around the world.  This is to bring your attention to the

level of frustration felt by the asylum seekers in Ankara about their

experience in dealing with UNHCR.  When all the legal channels are

closed, the refugees see no other way to get their voices heard but by

demonstrations.  I would like to emphasize that the protests are

peaceful and limited to demands of the rights specified by the Universal

Declaration of Human Rights and the refugee rights recognized by UNHCR.

We believe that what caused the protesters to want to unite and protest

was obviously violations of these rights.

Again, I would like to express my appreciation for your timely response

to the matters concerning the protesting refugees.

Name of Asylum Seekers: Masoud Keyhan, Mehdi Barar Tabar, Arezou Jalali

Asl, Hamid Jalali Asl, Alireza Jamshidi Far, Reza Salmanian, Iman

Salmanian, Soheil Sefidroo, Davood Rostami, Soheiyla Zaki, Poorya

Saeedloo, and Ali Reza Karimi. Hamid Jalali Asl and Arezou Jalali Asl

Samaneh Lari,Siavash Sazesh,Nayyereh Noori,Ali Lari,Soheila Tajik,Zinat


We look forward to your response


Head of Planning Team for Refugee Protests

Enanoel Yeshua

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