Bad News From Ankara

  • بازدید: 1738
  • تاریخ: يكشنبه، 28 آذر ماه، 1389
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5Hours ago 13 Iranian asylum seekers who had left their cities to gather in front of UNHCR office in Ankara in Protest of the organization not responding properly, were arrested by Ankara police. Alledgedly the arrest took place by violence There are no rerious injuries though

The Gathering was planned in protest of UNHCR's lengthy bureaucracy which is quite often more than not just flaw less. Previously the participants in this protest were estimated to be more than 40 people but according to our sources only 13 were arrested. The 13 asylum seekers were arrested while they were trying to set up a camp in the brutal cold of Ankara

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ارسال شده در مورخه : يكشنبه، 28 آذر ماه، 1389 توسط emanoel  پرینت
کاربرانی که به این خبر امتیاز داده اند.(قرمز رأی منفی و آبی رأی مثبت):

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 دیپورت بیست پناهجو توسط دولت ترکیه  [ سه شنبه، 29 ارديبهشت ماه، 1388 ] 3348 مشاهده
 پناهندگی داوود باقری به رسمیت شناخته شد !  [ شنبه، 7 دي ماه، 1387 ] 2394 مشاهده
 قابل توجه پناهجویان ترکیه  [ جمعه، 12 آذر ماه، 1389 ] 2294 مشاهده
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