First Gathering of Iranian Refugees in Turkey

  • بازدید: 1713
  • تاریخ: شنبه، 27 آذر ماه، 1389
  • موضوع:

Some of our refugee compatriots will start their protest and sitting in front of UNHCR – Ankara soon.  With their solidarity, this group of refugees will demand their rights as refugees from UN.


It is important to note that this sitting has been planned and coordinated among the refugees from many cities in Turkey who are now on their way to Ankara to accomplish their mission.  The group has a leader and is accompanied by a reporter and photographer.  I ask those of you who are participating in this protest to pay close attention to the instructions of the leader as it is his responsibility to maintain order and compliance with rules and regulations of this gathering.  Those refugees who have volunteered for this protest are committed to continue their sitting until their demands are met by UN.  I invite other refugee friends who are interested in this solidarity to join us. 

Note:  Our goal is to advance the rights of the refugees regardless of participant’s political or religious view.     For more information about the protest and up to date news, videos and pictures, please refer to:

The protest date will be announced on these websites.  Stay tuned for more news and updates!

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ارسال شده در مورخه : شنبه، 27 آذر ماه، 1389 توسط emanoel  پرینت
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مرتبط باموضوع :

 مرگ یک پناهجوی ایرانی در ترکیه  [ چهارشنبه، 9 ارديبهشت ماه، 1388 ] 2302 مشاهده
 رادیو انجمن همبستگی فعالان تبعیدی در ترکیه  [ يكشنبه، 30 آبان ماه، 1389 ] 2425 مشاهده
 افزایش شمار پناهجویان ایرانی در ترکیه  [ سه شنبه، 30 تير ماه، 1388 ] 5183 مشاهده
 هفت سال انتظار و آوارگی کافی نیست؟  [ جمعه، 1 خرداد ماه، 1388 ] 3425 مشاهده
 از پناهجویان متحصن در ترکیه حمایت کنید  [ پنجشنبه، 18 آذر ماه، 1389 ] 1679 مشاهده
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